Wheelers is a free motor bike game; Wheelers is a motor bike racing game with pit stop. First, strap that helmet on for the thunderous hum of superbike racing. Coming to the game, it will give you a tire-burning look at the raw power of motorcycle racing. All you have to do is racing 3 laps on each track and finish first. With each victory you reach to the next level race track. This is the most important thing that any player needs to achieve. You start playing the game with using your arrow keys to turn left, turn right, accelerate and brake. You must have at least one long pit stop to refill your fuel. Short pit stops are better in order for you can keep your position. You have to race around the track on your motorbike as fast as possible and making sure to overtake your opponents! Remember do not forget to fuel. Your duty is have to finish first on every track in order to progress onto the next level and unlock exciting new race tracks. There are super bike racing on 4 different tracks based in Scotland, Florida, Switzerland and Mexico. Win every track to advance to the next level and unlock new exciting race tracks. 

Gas: Up
Steer Vehicle: Left/Right