Quad Squad 2

Now you can choose Quad Squad 2! It is a nice little addictive flash game which played in your browser. The more rounds you can execute, the faster your Quad gets and the more difficult it is to stay on the track. More details, you should know that this is a great racing game, race around the track as you avoid hitting your opponent to many times. In this racing game your accelerators fixed and your quad bike's getting quicker and quicker how many laps can you hang on for? You use the arrow keys to lay this game you use your left and right arrow keys to drive and turn your quad around the challenging track. You always must careful with other bike and avoid the bike, the railing and the oil puddles and fall on for dear life! Quad Squad 2 has 5 squad motorbike challenges, concluding a demolition derby! Complete the tasks then ram as well as smash the other quads off the track! Good luckā€¦.

Gas: Up
Steer Vehicle: Left/Right
Brake/Reverse: Down
Brake Hard: Space