Grand Prix 2

Grand Prix Challenge 2 is well-known as one of the rare racing games that can really be enjoyed by not only beginner but also expert. With these kind games, every level of F1 enthusiast can play and enjoy Grand Prix Challenge. Infogrames Melbourne House has designed the game in such a way that it can be create to play like an off-the-cuff, arcade-style racing game or can be adjusted by varying degrees to simulate the actual physics and handling of an unforgiving F1 racing vehicle. The game is as realistic as you want to be. Traction control, anti-lock brakes, damage, and fuel consumption all have variable settings. When you pick the beginner together with intermediate settings, Grand Prix Challenge does not have much difference from other F1 games. On the easiest setting, the traction control combined with automatic braking systems will prevent you from spinning out under all but the most harrowing of circumstances. If set to intermediate, automatic braking is disabled, thus all you need is to lower your speed going into corners in order to avoid spin-outs. Also, you have the option to toggle the traction control to supply high or low tire grip depending on the situation. And the expert setting is very challenging, but it is also how Grand Prix Challenge differentiates itself from other F1 games. 

Steer Vehicle: Left/Right