Dune Bashing In Dubai

Most of online players know Dune bashing as an adrenaline pumping action sport where you have to ride a quad bike through the dangerous desert landscape, or the massive sand dunes of Dubai. This is a challenging and exercising journey. In this very addictive racing game, you will be the pilot of an ATV Bike (All Terrain Vehicle Bike)The target of the game is to finish all the stages in a short amount of time. Your ATV Bike is powerful enough to go over the highest dunes, it is powerful enough to do a 360. Thus, you will have to be careful while hitting the gas as it is very easy to lose control of the ATV Bike. In order to get the next levels you need to cross the end line before the timer goes up. In detailed, run your bike up the sand dunes and maintain carefully your balance as you make your way to the finish. Try to complete the levels in the fastest time as possible to achieve time bonus. You play with Up arrow key for accelerate; Down arrow key for Brake/Reverse; Right arrow key for Learn Forward; Left arrow key for Lean Backward. 

Gas: Up
Level Vehicle: Left/Right
Brake/Reverse: Down