Drive And Dodge

You will know about Drive and Dodge is a skill game as well as a funny game where you control a car and have to get all the pegs before the enemy car hits you. Watch out!  Moreover, in this game you run your car in a foursquare race-track with some exits, it is necessary for you to drive anti-clockwise and pick up all flags. You need to know that car's movement is limited. It cannot be turn and only can switch lanes inwards or outwards at open spaces. Race up to two lanes at a time by using arrow keys on your keyboard. To switch to a specific lane, you have to push the up, down, left or right arrow keys for the direction you want to go. The car can also switch between two speeds with using the space key on your keyboard. Switching is deliberately limited to one lane at a time when driving fast. Driving in clockwise direction is one or two enemy cars, which can only switch one lane at a time as well as try to ram you. Therefore you have to avoid driving in the same pathway with your opponent. Good luck to you!

Steer Vehicle: Up/Down/Left/Right