Diesel And Death

Coming to the game, you will be actually exercising. Therefore, let's enjoy right now. Simply by using Right arrow key to move forward, Left arrow key for Break, Up arrow one for jump, Down arrow/Space Bar to Use power. You start to ride your bike as a "Death" in this amazing adrenaline pumping action sport and race your opponent called "Diesel" across a junk yard. Your targets are to past the flag winds or destroy the opponents to get the victory. In order for you can gain this objective, it is necessary for you to be extremely careful from the opponents since he not only rides his bike but attacks on you as well. By collecting all the power ups from the crates, it will help you definitely. Also please do not forget to keep an eye on the health as well as current power status bars. How wonderful the racing game is! Have fun...let play Diesel & Death for FREE at http://www.gt33.com. Racing your motorcycle against opponents' one together with using your power-ups to take your enemy down before he reaches the finish. Good Luck! Whenever you play this game, please remember to entice your friend.

Gas: Right
Brake: Left
Jump: Up
Use Powerup: Space/Down