Beetle Buggin

Most of online game fans know Beetle Buggin is a gem for racing fans and Volkswagen aficionados with enough action in order to keep nearly any gamer happy long after purchase. The best aspect of the game is the five mini-games packed into one good collection. It is so difficult to get bored when playing the game because of the easy transition from one event to another. The Jump competition is may be the strongest with its combination of speed, daredevil adrenaline and more (nitrous-induced) speed. The only drawback with this mode is the fine line between success and futility; you just can only go so far in the event with the default Jump car. If you keep winning Jump events, you will get money to buy new cars to make longer jumps. However, there sometimes the more expensive cars don't jump any further than the cheap ones and you're stuck with an expensive car that won't earn money to buy the next upgrade. Cross competition is an exercising event combining the speed elements of a straight race with the crash possibilities of a figure-8 track. A witness crisscross crash is difficult, though, as the pack of cars usually remains tightly bunched. Winning Cross races takes time and requires learning to slow down to make turns and when passing smaller cars. Not surprisingly if you get more, the better you get.

Gas: Up
Steer Vehicle: Left/Right
Brake/Reverse: Down