Adrenaline Challenge

If you are looking for action, you do not need to look far as long as you have internet connected. Just take a click on the your favourite action games and you can have hundreds available within seconds. Just pick from the list of games for the one that can get your adrenaline pumping and you can satisfy your craving for action in just a matter of minutes. For me, I completely addicted to this amazing game - Adrenaline Challenge! Why you do not try it, surely that you also will be addicted. How interesting it is! Adrenaline Challenge game is a driving game where your excellent skills can be used to navigate a two wheel motocross bike through the maps. Your main objective is to collect all the tags and avoid colliding with any walls. Sometimes, slow is the best choice. You play with the tools such as: Use UP ARROW to throttle, DOWN ARROW to go backwards, LEFT ARROW and RIGHT ARROW tilts the bike and Press SPACE to change direction. Also you can end a race at any time by pressing TAB or ESCAPE. Not only that, sometimes you can use a few cheats to help you out, but only when you get stuck. That is; click 'OPTIONS', then 'CHEATS', enter the cheat and press 'enter' on keyboard. Then go back to the game or Press HOME+END = Skip to next level Have fun!

Gas: Up
Level Vehicle: Left/Right
Brake: Down
Switch Directions: Space