5 Miles 2 Go

5 Miles 2 Go - That means just only 5 miles to take part in the race. It consists of 5 cars in the front pack with same speed; same horsepower are fighting for the lead. The best thing you can take the lead and win is to draft along with other cars. Let's get into the right track and fire your way to the finish line. Can you beat them simply? To play this game is so easy, just take Arrow key Up = go right Arrow key Down = go left.  A car racing game in the style of the famous Nascar game, use your arrow keys to control the car move left or right, up or down on the track. Please try your hardest in order to n line with the other cars to draft (make the car go faster). . The target of the game is to achieve by using aerodynamics and the technique; more the cars are numerous on the line more it goes quickly; 5 cars with the file go more quickly than 3 which is followed which is faster que1. The key Q can help the player to make it possible to change image quality. Let enjoy them!

Move Right: Up
Move Left: Down