4 Wheel Madness

You know that 4 Wheel Madness is a free online sports game. By getting in Bigfoot's driver seat and using Up/Down arrows for Gas/Brake; Left/Right arrows to control your car. The main object of the game is to get to the end of the course. There are a plenty of obstacles and items that may reduce your health. Also, there are some items which will help you finish the course as expected. Do not forget to check out how it will react to obstacles to avoid losing your health. They give you much support in gaining victory using your monster truck skills online for free. Then, complete every level and beat the record scores. In 4 wheel madness you have to make it to the finish line in your 4 Wheel Monster Truck. Also similar to the biker games but you're driving a huge truck instead of it. Get power-ups together with crush cars along the way ready for some big truck adventures. If you like playing more games, take a look at http://www.gt33.com, and http://www.mariosworld.co.uk. Like the other game, you can use up arrow key for Accelerate, down arrow key for Brake, Left/Right for Swerve Left/Swerve Right.

Gas: Up
Level Vehicle: Left/Right
Brake/Reverse: Down